Col. Harland Saunders was 40 when he first served his famous chicken to travelers at his own diner table in the living quarters next to the gas station he worked in. As his popularity grew he moved across the street to a site that could serve 142 people. Over the next 9 years he perfected his recipe until a highway bypass threatened his business.
After auctioning off his operations and paying some bills he was left to live on a social security cheque of $105.00 per month. At age 65 he took to the road to franchise his chicken. Going from restaurant to restaurant with unshakable confidence in the quality of his chicken Col. Saunders established handshake deals that saw him getting five cents for each chicken sold. In less than 10 years he had over 600 franchises and sold his chicken empire for 2 million dollars. In 1976 he was ranked as the world's second most recognized celebrity. Today KFC is served in over 30,000 franchises in over 100 countries. Click here to learn more about the history of this unstoppable entrepreneur.