Classroom Training & Executive Coaching

Unleash The Power of Me © is a two day classroom / instructor led seminar that leaves participants with an effective, adjustable, lasting, vehicle for addressing intrinsic motivation. It focuses on the importance of goal setting, and gives participants a practical guide for establishing their own goals. They learn to set goals that are tuned to what they want and where they want to be.

The first day of the seminar is a classroom instructor led, interactive, session that teaches participants the processes and principles of positive thinking and visualization.

The second day is a workshop that gives participants the skills to build a short motivational movie that they will play on their computer, whenever they need that boost of self -motivation. No two movies are every alike, because they are fuelled by the images, words, and music that motivates that individual participant. For a sample movie click on the "view video" tab in the navigation bar above.

To learn more details about the course download the pdf.

Unleash The Power of Me © is the foundation of our Executive Leadership Coaching program. Whether you are leading yourself toward new goals or an entire team toward a corporate mandate Glengarry Executive Coaching services can assist you in building the plan that will get you moving quickly toward accomplishing your goals.



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