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Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner embodies the power of positive thinking. His story is known to many through the major motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness. The movie and best selling book of the same name tell a story of faith and a determination to overcome the odds. After an abusive childhood, and a tour in the Navy he began a less than spectacular career in medical sales. Chris describes a chance meeting, while selling his medical equipment, with a Ferrari driving stockbroker as a pivotal point in his life. Determined to make a success in the stock market Chris, with no formal education, background, or connections created an opportunity for himself. But as an intern at Dean Witter he found himself trying to survive on small salary . A salary that, as a single parent, forced him to decide between daycare for his son and housing. Not wanting to abandon his son as his father had done to him Chris lived in bus shelter bathrooms, homeless shelters and cheap motels for a year until he could afford a small apartment. His colleagues at the firm had no idea of the lengths that Chris was willing to go to ensure his success. Less than 5 years after joining Dean Witter Chris founded his own brokerage firm Gardner Rich LLC. Click here to learn more about Chris's incredible journey.